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Vaccinations for

Before you leave for Tunisia, consider if you need any vaccines. Tunisia carries a risk of diseases that you may not be protected against.

01. What vaccines do I need for Tunisia?

These are the recommended vaccinations for Tunisia.

Most travellers

Diphtheria, tetanus and polio

Anytime before arrival

Hepatitis A

Anytime before arrival

Some travellers


3 weeks before arrival*


2 weeks before arrival

Hepatitis B

4 weeks before arrival*

These are official recommendations, and whether or not you will need any of the listed vaccines depends on a variety of factors, including your medical history and the details of your trip. For a personal assessment, book a free telephone consultation with one of our prescribing nurses, who will create a vaccine plan based on your needs.

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Anne Marie Major, Independent Nurse Prescriber
June 21, 2019