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01. Our Story

Patients are increasingly faced with long waiting times when it comes to booking appointments and seeing their GP. This is largely due to there being more people needing treatment than doctors have the capacity to treat. Practio was founded to bridge the gap between supply and demand and ultimately reduce patient waiting times. Our mission is to make quality healthcare accessible for all, by providing a technology platform that strengthens pharmacies as local healthcare hubs. Read more about Practio and our mission here.

02. Quick Facts


Mads Mikkelsen and Jonas Nilsen

Year Founded



  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lisbon, Portugal

  • Liverpool, England

Number of Employees


03. Our Founders

Jonas Nilsen

MD, co-founder of Practio and the doctor behind the UK's first Coronavirus Vaccine Hub

Jonas Nilsen is a Danish medical doctor and an expert in digital health. He has a medical degree from University of Copenhagen and a degree in Innovation Management from Harvard Business School.

Jonas’ out-of-the-box thinking was first put into practice during his medical studies when he co-founded the start-up Medineering, which built a three-wheeled bicycle for children with cancer. Since then, Jonas has co-founded several startups and serves as a board member in several companies, including Brain+ and Practio.

Today, Jonas is the co-founder of Practio, whose vision is to make high-quality healthcare accessible for all by providing a technology platform that strengthens pharmacies as local healthcare hubs. Practio has a growing presence in both Denmark and the UK.

Mads Mikkelsen

With a background in international sales and business development, Mads has spent the majority of his career in the intersection of technology and healthcare. Fuelled by a desire to build something unique and impactful, he co-founded health technology company Practio in 2015, kickstarting a mission to leverage technology to make primary healthcare more accessible.

04. Practio in the News

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Our media kit includes Practio logos, photos of our office in Liverpool, as well as screenshots and screen recordings of our website.

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