See how much travel vaccines cost for adults and children, including prices for malaria tablets. All services include a free telephone consultation.


All vaccination prices are displayed per dose for adults and children. Some vaccines may require more than one dose, therefore the cost can be higher.

Malaria tablets

There are several antimalarial tablets available in the UK. Different tablets have different prices and protection levels, and the right tablet for you depends on the country you are visiting. Please note that, at the moment, we only offer Malarone. All malaria tablet prices are displayed per tablet.

Phone consultation

All our travel health services include a free phone consultation with a certified nurse. During the consultation, the nurse will create a tailored vaccine plan based on your medical history and details of your trip, so you can stay safe while away.

Vaccination programme

The consultation includes:

  • Review of your medical history and travel plans

  • Assessment of the vaccines and medications you need

  • Advice on disease prevention measures

  • Guidance on any first aid kit you should have with you while travelling

Why is the phone consultation free?

It can be difficult to find out exactly which vaccinations and medications you need, as this depends on several factors. It is therefore important to talk to a professional who can help you. Offering the phone consultation for free means you can get the advice you need ahead of your trip.

When do I pay for my vaccinations?

You pay for your vaccinations when receiving them. If a vaccine course consists of more than one dose, you only pay for the dose you get, and you do not need to pay anything in advance. All payments are handled at the pharmacy where you choose to get vaccinated.

Can the vaccine prices change?

There are a variety of vaccines available on the market and the ones we use depends on what is in stock – this is based on an official list published by the NHS. But even though the vaccines are subject to change, the price will stay the same. However, please note that the price of malaria tablets will differ depending on the brand you get.