Making healthcare accessible for everyone

Global shortage of health professionals has made it difficult for practitioners to meet the rapidly growing healthcare needs of patients. This creates a gap between supply and demand of healthcare services. Practio’s mission is to bridge this gap by building health technology that turn pharmacies into local healthcare hubs, making safe and affordable healthcare accessible for everyone.

How it all started

Practio was founded on the idea of co-founders Jonas Nilsen (MD) and Mads Mikkelsen to use digital technology and community pharmacies to give more people better access to safe and affordable healthcare. 

Since our founding in 2015, this vision has been the north star that guides the hard work of our diverse team every day.

Today our technology platform is unlocking the vast potential of community pharmacies as local healthcare hubs. With a growing presence in Denmark and the UK, we are on the way to realizing the original idea of our founders – making safe and affordable healthcare accessible for everyone.

During the global coronavirus pandemic, Practio has taken great pride in assisting in vaccinating the public in both Denmark and in the UK against COVID-19.

How we contribute

  • Practio increases access to healthcare By 2025, the World Health Organization (WHO) expects a global deficit of nearly 13 million health professionals. We aim at reducing this deficit by educating pharmacy staff and enabling them to provide patients with better access to quality healthcare services.

  • Practio improves patient safety Our digital technology is built by our team of engineers and helps healthcare professionals improve patient safety by reducing avoidable medical errors.

  • Practio helps the payers of healthcare save money According to the WHO, the global health expenditure is growing by more than 4% every year, placing an increasing constraint on the budgets of healthcare payers. By using digital technology, we can help reduce the costs of healthcare, which benefits patients, insurance holders and taxpayers.

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