Typhoid vaccine

The typhoid vaccine helps to protect you against typhoid fever. Typhoid vaccine side effects are uncommon and usually mild, such as headache and fever. One dose of the typhoid injection lasts for three years, and provides full typhoid fever protection two weeks after you are vaccinated.

01.How long does the typhoid vaccine last

The typhoid vaccine lasts three years for most people. If you still need protection after this time, you can have a booster dose. The booster dose lasts an additional three years.

The typhoid jab should be given at least two weeks before you travel, as this is when the greatest protection begins.

If you need the typhoid vaccine, it is therefore recommended that you book a consultation in advance to ensure you will be fully protected while travelling.

02.Side effects of the typhoid vaccine

Like all medicines and vaccines, the typhoid vaccine can cause side effects, but most people do not experience any at all.

If you do experience typhoid vaccine side effects, they are very unlikely to be serious.

Typhoid vaccine side effects can include:

  • pain in and around the injection site

  • fainting while receiving the injection

  • fever

  • headache

  • asthma

  • diarrhoea or stomach ache

  • sickness or nausea

  • joint or muscle pain

  • tiredness

  • rash

If your typhoid vaccine side effects do not improve, or they become worse, you should talk to your doctor.

03.Who should get the typhoid vaccine

In general, it is recommended that people travelling to a risk area get the typhoid vaccine. Check if there is a current risk of typhoid in the country you are travelling to.

The typhoid vaccine is especially recommended to people who have a greater risk of becoming infected. These people include those travelling to parts of the world with poor sanitation and limited access to clean water.

Moreover, those at greater risk also include young children. This may be because their immune system, which fights off infection, is still developing. It is therefore also recommended that children get the typhoid vaccine, which can be given to everyone who is two years old and over.

But despite the fact that most people can have the typhoid vaccine, it can cause problems for some. This includes people who are:

  • allergic to any of the ingredients of the typhoid vaccine

  • currently unwell with a fever

  • diagnosed with a blood disorder such as haemophilia

  • suffering from a poor or reduced immune system

  • pregnant or breastfeeding

  • planning to have a baby

If you belong to any of these groups or you are unsure whether you should get the typhoid vaccine, you can book a free telephone consultation with one of our prescribing nurses for a personal assessment.

04.Cost of the typhoid vaccine

If you may be at risk of typhoid, it is recommended that you check whether you need the vaccine, as the disease can be fatal. For the cost of the typhoid vaccine, see below.

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